Can OCD Be Cured? Three New Podcasts by David Burns, MD Explain How He Treats It

043: OCD — The Hidden Feeling Good Podcast image (1)Emotion Technique

Using the Hidden Emotion Technique With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

In this podcast, David and Fabrice answer questions on OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) submitted by three listeners. Is it an organic illness? Are drugs necessary in the treatment? What’s the best book to read if you want to heal yourself? What’s the prognosis?

Drs. Nye and Burns begin by explaining OCD and answering the questions. David emphasizes the importance of using four treatment models when working with OCD—the cognitive model, the motivational model, the exposure model, and the hidden emotion model if you are hoping for a rapid and complete elimination of symptoms. Treatment that focuses on only one treatment method, such as exposure and response prevention, may have only limited success.


044: Can OCD Be Cured?

Can OCD Be Cured? — More Examples of the Hidden Emotion Technique

In this podcast, David describes his treatment of a physician with OCD who was tortured by the fear that he would impulsively throw his newborn baby over the railing of his second-floor apartment. He also describes a psychologist with OCD who washed her hands more than 50 times a day for fear of contamination. In addition, she spent hours every day making sure that nothing in her house was arranged in groups of three—including furniture, table settings, decorative objects, magazines on tables, and so forth. Arrangements in groups of 2 were okay, as were groups of 4, 5 or more objects. Why was she so obsessed?


045: More on OCD — Cognitive Flooding

More on OCD — Cognitive Flooding

Warning: This podcast includes raw and disturbing material that may be upsetting to some listeners. If you are concerned that your own feelings may be triggered, it might be wise to skip the program.

Fabrice begins with another question on OCD—if you successfully extinguish the symptoms with Exposure and Response Prevention, would they just resurface in some other form, such as worrying, or some other anxiety disorder. David agrees and describes the solution to this problem.


Visit David’s website,, to hear these riveting podcasts and read the show notes.

Cool Books for the Hot Summer

image of feeling good bookIf you love to read, here are two cool summer reading lists I just found online at and

They look like great reads. Escape with a book. And then you’re feeling good.

Don’t Forget: Wear Flowers in Your Hair

woman with flowers in her hair

“If you’re going to San Francisco
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“If you come to San Francisco
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Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Love fest or not, you’re sure to make lots of new friends and catch up with old colleagues at the TEAM-CBT Intensive with David Burns, MD. July31-Aug.3.

Feeling Good Institute Looking for Talent

Feeling Good Institute, Mountain View, CA, is looking for an Intern or Postdoctoral Resident to welcome to our staff.

We focus on providing high quality, effective therapy treatment, and training services in a private practice setting.


– Minimum one-year commitment; two-year commitment preferred. Daytime, evening, and weekend hours available.

– Paid position: approximately $25 per clinical treatment hour. No benefits are provided.

Training Experiences:

a. Provide 8-20 hours per week of clinical treatment in a private practice-style outpatient clinic.

b. Opportunities to work with clients from diverse backgrounds, including adults, teens, children, and couples.

c. One hour of individual supervision per 10 patient hours per week with a licensed supervisor.

d. Attend weekly 2-hour TEAM-CBT training group for therapists (Thursday 9:00-10:45 AM; other options available).

e. Attend weekly 1-hour consultation group with advanced TEAM-CBT Therapists (Wednesdays 12:00 PM).

f. Attend weekly business/marketing meeting to learn skills to grow your practice (Wednesdays 1:00 PM).

Ideal candidate: Background in CBT and/or TEAM-CBT. Committed to further developing clinical skills. Interest in learning how to build their own client base and participate in marketing efforts. Experience with diverse client backgrounds and varied presenting concerns. Experience with evidence-based treatments. Experience with children is preferred, but not required. Some weekend or evening availability is preferred, but not required.

What is the Feeling Good Institute? We are dedicated to providing quality TEAM-CBT for patients seeking tools for change. We practice a form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) developed by Dr. David Burns, at Stanford University, called TEAM Therapy. We are also a training center and certifying agency for therapists looking to advance their skills in TEAM-CBT. You can learn more about TEAM-CBT at this link.

Application Process: Please submit an email or cover letter documenting past education and training experiences. Please include a description of TEAM-CBT or general CBT experiences gained thus farangela krumm, PhD and your current level of commitment to immersion in TEAM-CBT training. Please send via email to or Angela Krumm, PhD, 2660 Solace Place, Suite A, Mountain View, CA 94040

David Burns, MD Invites You to His Super-Charged TEAM-CBT Intensive in Burlingame, California July 31-August 3

“I’m delighted to be offering an intensive training in Burlingame this summer and hope you’ll be able to join us. The intensive will differ from my two-day workshops in several ways. First, the number of participants will be strictly limited, leading to a more intimate learning environment. This entirely new intensive will transform your clinical work and enlighten you both personally and professionally. In the past several years, I have developed a new approach to psychotherapy called T.E.A.M. that can greatly accelerate recovery from depression and anxiety disorders. In fact, in many cases, you will often see a dramatic or complete elimination of a client’s symptoms in a single session, without medications. If you have ever dreamed of bringing extremely rapid healing to your patients, this is a workshop you won’t want to miss.

T.E.A.M. is not just another new school of therapy, but a flexible, research-based, data-driven system for working with patients. T.E.A.M. stands for Testing, Empathy, Agenda Setting and Methods — these are the effective ingredients of all successful psychotherapy, regardless of which school of therapy the therapist uses.

Teaching methods will include lecture, large and small group exercises, dramatic and inspiring video excerpts from actual therapy sessions, live demonstrations with audience volunteers, and opportunities to do your own personal healing as well. This intensive is intended to provide practical, hands-on experience, as well as a working knowledge of techniques you will be able to use right away in your clinical work. You will leave with fresh, new insights and powerful techniques that can revolutionize your practice. We’ll work hard, have meals together, and probably share both laughter and tears as we learn. Intensives have consistently been the most vibrant and inspirational teaching experiences I’ve ever had. I warmly invite you to join us. I’ll do everything I can to make this one of the best learning opportunities of your career, and look forward to meeting you this summer! — DAVID BURNS, M.D.

P.S. -Special opportunity at this program only: I will be assisted in this workshop by several highly trained professional associates. Each is an exceptional clinician/trainer and is intimately acquainted with my work. Though I will do all the actual teaching, their presence will greatly expand the amount of personal coaching and direction you will receive.San_Francisco_005

Smarter Living Tip: Take Naps at Work

Here’s a great article from the Smarter Living section of The New York Times that explains the importance of power napping during downtime. Short naps are a way to recharge quickly and efficiently.

It’s a good read and one that will encourage many people to rest and rebalance. Please enjoy and share. 🙂


Dynamic Evening Sessions, Live Personal Work, and Hiking Highlight Upcoming TEAM Therapy Intensive with David Burns, MD

We’re delighted to help Dr. Burns spread the word about his upcoming intensive workshops for therapists. One will be in beautiful Banff, Canada and the other will be in Burlingame, California. The only difference is that the Burlingame intensive will include two dynamic evening sessions, featuring live personal work, whereas the conference in Banff will feature optional hiking with David each evening.

The intensives are almost always the most effective and rewarding training conferences of the year. Here are the details:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A Four-Day Intensive Training

July 17 – 20, Banff, Canada

For more information, click here

Phone: 604.924.0296 Toll-free: 1.800.456.5424

High Speed, Drug-Free Treatment of Depression and Anxiety Disorders–

A Four-Day TEAM-CBT Advanced Intensive

July 31 – August 3, Burlingame, California

For more information, click here

phone: 800-258-8411

If interested, move quickly as the dates are fast approaching and they often sell out, as attendance is limited at both events. I hope you can join us, and look forward to getting to know you if you attend!

Maor Katz, Director of the Feeling Good Institute Institute, Inc.maor katz