Can OCD Be Cured? Three New Podcasts by David Burns, MD Explain How He Treats It

043: OCD — The Hidden Feeling Good Podcast image (1)Emotion Technique

Using the Hidden Emotion Technique With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

In this podcast, David and Fabrice answer questions on OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) submitted by three listeners. Is it an organic illness? Are drugs necessary in the treatment? What’s the best book to read if you want to heal yourself? What’s the prognosis?

Drs. Nye and Burns begin by explaining OCD and answering the questions. David emphasizes the importance of using four treatment models when working with OCD—the cognitive model, the motivational model, the exposure model, and the hidden emotion model if you are hoping for a rapid and complete elimination of symptoms. Treatment that focuses on only one treatment method, such as exposure and response prevention, may have only limited success.


044: Can OCD Be Cured?

Can OCD Be Cured? — More Examples of the Hidden Emotion Technique

In this podcast, David describes his treatment of a physician with OCD who was tortured by the fear that he would impulsively throw his newborn baby over the railing of his second-floor apartment. He also describes a psychologist with OCD who washed her hands more than 50 times a day for fear of contamination. In addition, she spent hours every day making sure that nothing in her house was arranged in groups of three—including furniture, table settings, decorative objects, magazines on tables, and so forth. Arrangements in groups of 2 were okay, as were groups of 4, 5 or more objects. Why was she so obsessed?


045: More on OCD — Cognitive Flooding

More on OCD — Cognitive Flooding

Warning: This podcast includes raw and disturbing material that may be upsetting to some listeners. If you are concerned that your own feelings may be triggered, it might be wise to skip the program.

Fabrice begins with another question on OCD—if you successfully extinguish the symptoms with Exposure and Response Prevention, would they just resurface in some other form, such as worrying, or some other anxiety disorder. David agrees and describes the solution to this problem.


Visit David’s website,, to hear these riveting podcasts and read the show notes.


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