David Burns, MD Invites You to His Super-Charged TEAM-CBT Intensive in Burlingame, California July 31-August 3

“I’m delighted to be offering an intensive training in Burlingame this summer and hope you’ll be able to join us. The intensive will differ from my two-day workshops in several ways. First, the number of participants will be strictly limited, leading to a more intimate learning environment. This entirely new intensive will transform your clinical work and enlighten you both personally and professionally. In the past several years, I have developed a new approach to psychotherapy called T.E.A.M. that can greatly accelerate recovery from depression and anxiety disorders. In fact, in many cases, you will often see a dramatic or complete elimination of a client’s symptoms in a single session, without medications. If you have ever dreamed of bringing extremely rapid healing to your patients, this is a workshop you won’t want to miss.

T.E.A.M. is not just another new school of therapy, but a flexible, research-based, data-driven system for working with patients. T.E.A.M. stands for Testing, Empathy, Agenda Setting and Methods — these are the effective ingredients of all successful psychotherapy, regardless of which school of therapy the therapist uses.

Teaching methods will include lecture, large and small group exercises, dramatic and inspiring video excerpts from actual therapy sessions, live demonstrations with audience volunteers, and opportunities to do your own personal healing as well. This intensive is intended to provide practical, hands-on experience, as well as a working knowledge of techniques you will be able to use right away in your clinical work. You will leave with fresh, new insights and powerful techniques that can revolutionize your practice. We’ll work hard, have meals together, and probably share both laughter and tears as we learn. Intensives have consistently been the most vibrant and inspirational teaching experiences I’ve ever had. I warmly invite you to join us. I’ll do everything I can to make this one of the best learning opportunities of your career, and look forward to meeting you this summer! — DAVID BURNS, M.D.

P.S. -Special opportunity at this program only: I will be assisted in this workshop by several highly trained professional associates. Each is an exceptional clinician/trainer and is intimately acquainted with my work. Though I will do all the actual teaching, their presence will greatly expand the amount of personal coaching and direction you will receive.San_Francisco_005


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