Teen To Teens Support Groups Starts Tuesday in San Jose, CA


One thought on “Teen To Teens Support Groups Starts Tuesday in San Jose, CA

  1. Teens Location
    Ages 14 – 17 940 Saratoga Ave Suite 104
    Tuesdays 4:00pm- 6:00pm San Jose, Ca 95129

    The teenage years can be a challenging time. There are many changes happening in the body and the brain, which can sometimes lead to overwhelming feelings, distressing thoughts, stress, anxiety, and depression.

    The Teens to Teens Support Group is here for teens and their unique needs. The group provides a safe, welcoming, and fun environment for teens to come and connect with others, share their experiences, and learn Cognitive-Behavioral tools in order to reduce distress and feel empowered.
    Cost Teens to Teens Support Group is $85 a meeting. Credit card is required upon registration, plus a 15 min individual phone consultation with the therapist leading the group. Enrollment is ongoing and recurring, but you can cancel at any time with two weeks advanced notice.

    Led by Reshma Patel, MFTI
    (Marriage & Family Therapist Intern) Supervised by Ernest Schmidt, LCSW Reshma is highly experienced running therapeutic groups and does an excellent job of integrating powerful methods, CBT techniques, and most importantly gentleness and compassion to bring about emotional relief. You can be assured she will treat you or your teen with respect, warmth, and kindness.

    To Enroll or Find Out More
    Call 650-461-9026
    Email info@paloaltotherapy.com
    Space Limited to 7 Participants!
    Make an Appointment Online


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