Jacob Towery, MD Offers Free 5-Day Workshop for Teens Struggling with Depression, Anxiety.

Greetings fellow friends and mental health professionals!  If you work with any teens aged 14-17 who struggle with depression and/or anxiety, this message may be relevant to you.  As you know, there are many teens who struggle with mental health issues and have few resources to get help for these problems.  I  — and some amazing volunteers helping me — am offering a FREE 5-Day Workshop from August 7-11 which will teach a variety of Cognitive, Behavioral, and Mindfulness skills to teenagers who are motivated to feel better and learn skills to stay well.

We will have a Mandatory Orientation on Saturday, June 17 and students can sign up (Eventbrite link on the flyer and my website) for an interview spot to potentially be selected into the course.  Project WeHope is generously offering their space in East Palo Alto for the orientation as well as the course, and we are requesting that anyone

jacob toweryaccepted into the course, donate as sliding scale amount to them for any amount they wish, as low as $10 for the entire week.  More details can be found at http://www.jacobtowerymd.com/tools-for-teens

I am offering this workshop independent of my Stanford affiliations, completely on my own.  I’m excited about this project and if you have any teens who are motivated to learn more skills to benefit their life, feel free to pass this onto them.  Thank you!  🙂

Jacob Towery, MD
Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist
Adjunct Clinical Faculty, Stanford University Department of Psychiatry

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