You’re Invited to Share Your Bad Habits

You are invited to attend the following workshop either in-person or through live broadcast from Mountain View, California:

“Step-by-Step CBT Methods for the Treatment of Habits and Addictions: A Daylong Workshop for Therapists”

Learn and practice practical CBT tools to help people who struggle with habits such as procrastination, overeating, internet overuse, alcohol or marijuana overuse, etc.
Live from Mountain View, CA 9am-4pm (12noon-7pm EST)
Sunday, May 21st

Who: Therapists of all levels of experience welcome.

Teachers: Angela Krumm Ph.D., Jill Levitt Ph.D., Dahlia Woods MD.

Price: $135, Offers 6 CEs*

Day Plan

Session 1. Tools for Overcoming Resistance and Boosting Motivation:

Dangling the Carrot, The Magic Button, The Paradoxical Cost-Benefit Analysis, Externalization of Resistance, The Gentle Ultimatum, and Sitting with Open Hands

Session 2. Cognitive Methods for Treating Unwanted Habits:

The Addiction/Habit Mood Log, Discovering Tempting Thoughts, Identifying Positive Cognitive Distortions, The Devil’s glass of red wineAdvocate Technique, and The Accountability Step

Session 3. Behavioral Methods for Treating Habits and Addictions

Stimulus Control, The Problem-Solution Log, and The Anti-Procrastination Worksheet

Learning objectives:

1) Complete a paradoxical cost-benefit analysis with a patient to decrease resistance to change.

2) Describe the concepts of dangling the carrot and sitting with open hands to boost motivation.

3) Identify several tempting thoughts.

4) Name at least two cognitive distortions related to habits.

5) Explain the concept and practice of stimulus control.

6) Set up a problem-solution log.

To Learn More & Register
Experience our uniquely effective and supportive training environment. Certified small group trainers will support participants both online streaming as well as on site. Come learn exciting new CBT skills to add to your toolbox!

*The Feeling Good Institute (FGI) is approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) and the California Psychological Association (CPA) to provide continuing professional education for Psychologists. Feeling Good Institute maintains responsibility for this program and its content. The California Board of Behavioral Sciences now recognizes CPA continuing education credit for license renewal for its licensees. FGI is also an approved provider for NAADAC and NBCC. For more information about our policies


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