Video Endorsement / Online TEAM-CBT Classes!

Trainer Mike Christenson starts his 12-week live, online training classes in TEAM-CBT this Monday morning, May 8. Click here to register for the few remaining spots.
Here’s what his mentor David Burns, MD, creator of TEAM-CBT, has to say about Mike. And watch Mike’s video that tells you his personal story of reading Feeling Good, The New Mood Therapy at a time in his life when he felt stuck.

Feeling Good

Hi friends and colleagues,

You might enjoy this video from Mike Christensen, one of the rising stars in TEAM-CBT. He is about to start a 12-week online introductory course in TEAM-CBT limited to 14 therapists. There are only a couple slots left, so email him ASAPif you are interested. Mike is a terrific teacher and therapist, and a very compassionate individual! Highly recommended!

You will find a list of additional in-person and online training groups if you click here. Many of the groups are sponsored by the Feeling Good institute in Mt. View, California.  I endorse the training groups enthusiastically, but do not receive any financial compensation for endorsing them. I know they are wonderful teachers and I take great pride in what they have accomplished and satisfaction in supporting their efforts! You will also find information on many weekly in-person training groups, including my own 2 1/2…

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