Feeling Good in London

Just back from London where colleague Nicole Bitter and I were promoting T.E.A.M therapy with Dr. David Burns, MD, author Feeling Good.  David definitely “hit it out of the park” here in London at his first European conference. Definitely a big win! The Brits loved him. And so did so many others from other areas of the world who flew to London to participate. Everyone Nicole and I spoke with said they spent their money wisely in choosing his two-day anxiety workshop “Scared Stiff: Fast, Effective, Drug-Free Treatment for Anxiety,” orchestrated by Jack Hirose & Associates.  Most said they had never experienced anything like it, and that their heads were swimming with information and ideas to transform their therapeutic skills.

Here are some of the comments coming in over the wire, so to speak: “No model of therapy inspires me more than his.” “What a bliss!!! Please come back.”

You might expect someone who is one of three eminent pioneers (including Aaron Beck, MD, Albert Ellis, PhD) in the creation and development of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to be haughty, cold, and dismissive. But that’s just not in David’s DNA. In his customary warm and charming way, he worked non-stop for two days talking, listening, role playing, teasing, counseling, cajoling, coaching and inspiring.

He makes us laugh. He makes us cry. He helps us accept ourselves as flawed human beings. We start to like ourselves when we work with David. We give ourselves some grace.

That makes us want to spread the word because we are so grateful for our teacher who so generously gives of himself in sharing wisdom from the decades of research and development he has invested in CBT.

CBT, now considered the gold standard in the treatment of depression and anxiety, helps clients change distorted, self-defeating thoughts that create depression and anxiety. Major life-saving mood shifts can occur when clients realize that when they change their thoughts, they can change their feelings, and change their behaviors.

CBT has evolved since the early 1980s when David wrote Feeling Good. He found many people benefited greatly from CBT, while others resisted and suffered. That troubled David, so he went back to the drawing board and created a new model that addressed critical parts of the therapeutic hour that had been grossly overlooked. These oversights prevented many clients from getting better.

He developed T.E.A.M., which he refers to as “CBT on steroids.” He says it is “therapy at warp speed” and is far more effective than regular CBT or even “talk therapy.” The goal is to get dramatic change in just a few sessions by helping patients and therapists become more on-task and accountable. Guess what? It works!

Read more about David’s groundbreaking work at www.feelinggood.com. And then check out the Feeling Good Institute at http://www.feelinggoodinstitute.com. That’s where you’ll find therapists trained in this cutting-edge therapy and opportunities for therapists to be trained.

Stay tuned for more exciting T.E.A.M. news coming this fall in Denver!


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